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The Tiszaeszlár Blood Libel: Image and Propaganda

[This article is part of the Open Peer Review-Publication series “Nineteenth-Century Anti-Semitism in International Perspective”] von Daniel Véri <1> This study aims to reconstruct and analyse the anti-Semitic visual reception history of the Tiszaeszlár blood libel case from the time of the affair (1882–83) up until today. It examines images created in connection with the blood libel together with their...

Blood, Culture, Politics Anti-Semitic Subcultures of the Tiszaeszlár Blood Libel (1882–2015), Abstract by Daniel Véri

Although the Tiszaeszlár blood libel case (1882–83) ended with the acquittal of the defendants, the strong cultural and political impact of the affair on Hungarian society can be ascertained to this day. In this paper I will argue that the current, politically eminent status of Tiszaeszlár for contemporary Hungarian right wing extremists can only be fully understood following a thorough...

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