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Lueger effect in the fin-de-siècle Catholic Poland: the Imaginary Jew, the Viennese Christian Socials and the rise of Catholic anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, Abstract by Grzegorz Krzywiec

The victory of Karl Lueger into election to the Vienna’s Rathaus in 1895 had an enormous effect whether on the Habsburg Catholic opinion or abroad. For many Catholics from Eastern Europe, a role model for revitalization of ‘Christian’ public scene came neither from Germany, nor from any other European country, but from the Habsburg Austria. Especially in the Habsburg Galicia,...

Jewish Internationalism as a Response to Anti-Semitism, Abstract by Rona Yona

In 1882 the first anti-Jewish international congress was convened in central Europe. The congress preceded the creation of international Jewish organizations, which at that time still relied primarily on notables like Montefiore or Rothschild. The present paper wishes to examine the emergence of modern international Jewish organizations in the context of the rise of modern anti-Semitism. I will argue that...

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