Open Peer Review: Nineteenth-Century Anti-Semitism in International Perspective

From October 21 till 23, 2015, the first conference of the Max Weber Foundation involving all its institutes was held at the German Historical Institute in Paris and had the title “Antisemitism in the 19th century from an international perspective”. It was organized by the German Historical Institutes and in cooperation with the “Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung” (Centre for Research on Antisemitism) at the “Technische Universität Berlin” (Berlin Institute of Technology). A selection of the papers presented during the conference will be made available step by step to the interested academic public on the blog which accompanies the conference. It will be possible to discuss the papers within the scope of an open peer review process until the end of January 2017 using the comment section of the blog. All contributions to the discussion will be moderated. When the open peer review process is completed the authors will have the opportunity to modify their articles on the basis of the comments on their articles. The modified and final versions will then be published simultaneously on the website as open access content and by the Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht publishing company as a printed book. The versions published on the blog and the comments will be file on the blog. Please keep in mind the information below.


[1] Ulrich Wyrwa: Zur Entstehung des Antisemitismus im Europa des 19. Jahrhunderts, seinen Ursachen und Erscheinungsformen

Anti-Semitism, Economy, and Society

[2] Oliver Schulz: Der »jüdische Kapitalist«: Anmerkungen zu Ursprung und Entwicklung eines antisemitischen Stereotyps im Frankreich der 1840er Jahre

[3] Nicolas Berg: Kulturwirtschaftslehren gegen den Antisemitismus der Zeit – Die jüdischen Nationalökonomen Richard Ehrenberg, Hermann Levy und Julius Hirsch

[4] Marcel Stoetzler: Durkheim’s and Simmel’s reactions to antisemitism and their reflection in their views on modern society


Reception, Transfers, and Comparison

[5] Özgür Türesay: L’influence de l’antisémitisme européen sur le monde intellectuel ottoman dans les années 1880s et 1890s: le cas de la Nation israélite d’Ebüzziya Tevfik

[6] Richard Frankel: »No Jews, Dogs, or Consumptives«: Comparing Anti-Jewish Discrimination in Late-Nineteenth-Century Germany and the United States


Art History, Media, and Popular Culture

[7] Timo Hagen: Synagogenbau und Ritualmord. Antisemitismus und jüdische Selbstverortung im soziokulturell heterogenen Milieu der siebenbürgischen Stadt Kronstadt um 1900

[8] Hildegard Frübis: Der »Fall« Liebermann. Entangled histories – Antisemitismus und Antimoderne im Streit um das Gemälde »Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel« (1879)

[9] Tuvia Singer: Images of Jews and Sinti and Rom in Ludwig Bechsteins’ Folktale Collections


Nationality-Conflicts and Anti-Semitic Violence

[10] Miloslav Szabo: Populistischer Antisemitismus. Zur Analyse der antisemitischen Semantik in Ostmitteleuropa am Beispiel Ivan Frankos und Anton Štefáneks

[11] Silvia Marton: De la construction de l’Etat au racisme: judéophobie et antisémitisme en Roumanie avant la Grande Guerre

[12] Daniel Véri: The Tiszaeszlár Blood Libel: Image and Propaganda


Christian Anti-Semitism

[13] Grzegorz Krzywiec: The Lueger effect in fin-de-siècle Catholic Poland: the Imaginary Jew, the Viennese Christian Socials, and the rise of Catholic anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe

[14] Thomas Metzger: Der Antisemitismus in Deutschland als Referenzrahmen: Transnationale Aspekte des Antisemitismus im Deutschschweizer Protestantismus


Jewish responses and the struggle against antisemitism

[15] Damien Guillaume: Vers »l’agitation antisémitique« comme phénomène transnational: hostilité antijuive, équivoques libérales et solidarité juive internationale de l’Affaire Mortara au Congrès de Berlin (1858-1878)

[16] Rona Yona: Anti-Semitism and the emergence of Jewish Internationalism, 1840-1914

[17] Heidi Knörzer: »In Schrift und Wort (…) gegen alle antisemitischen Angriffe auftreten«: Der Kampf gegen den erwachenden Antisemitismus in der Allgemeinen Zeitung des Judentums und den Archives israélites (1879-1900)

[18] Sebastian Vogt: Erforderliche Reaktionen. Moritz Lazarus‘ Erwiderung auf Heinrich von Treitschkes »Unsere Aussichten« (1879) und Bernard Lazares Auseinandersetzung mit Édouard Drumonts »La France Juive« (1886)


Note on the open peer review process

Anyone interested in the topic and the articles is invited to read and comment upon the papers published here. The paragraphs of the respective articles have numbers so that comments and the paragraphs they refer to can easily be identified. Please refer to the number of the paragraph, if necessary. Comments can refer to an entire article or to parts of it. The articles are going to be formatted only after the open peer review has finished.

The editors of the volume check any comment before publishing it. You have to indicate your name, and anonymous comments are not possible. Please keep in mind the courtesy and objectivity which are appropriate for academic debate.

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