Anti-Semitism and Catholic Churches in Austrian Galicia, Abstract by Zoriana Melnyk

In this article, I compare the attitude of two local Catholic Churches: Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic towards issues of anti-Semitism. These two Churches represented Ukrainians (Greek Catholic) and Poles (Roman Catholic) in the province, where around 13 percent of locals were Jews. My case study is the anti-Semitic activity of the Roman Catholic priest Stanislaw Stojalowsky, who was very successful in mobilizing peasants around Social Catholic ideas. The successful agitation of the priest Stojalowski served as an example for the other Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic priests, as well as for the national oriented politicians.
Through the analysis of personal and administrative documents and local press, I reconstruct how anti-Semitic ideas started to develop in Galicia and connect with Catholic mobilization. I raise the questions: what meaning did anti-Semitism have in Galician context and how did it link with economic misbalance? What was the role of national-building process in shaping and spreading anti-Semitic ideas?


Zoriana Melnyk is a PhD researcher from Ukraine in the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). She is working in the field of social history of Habsburg monarchy and Eastern Europe. The topic of her dissertation is Church and Challenges of mass mobilization on the example of Greek Catholics and Roman Catholics in Austrian Galicia in the late nineteenth and beginning of twentieth century.
Zoriana Melnyk received her BA and MA in Eastern European History at Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine) and was working as teaching assistant there. She took part in the ERASMUS exchange program in University of Vienna (2014) and was a visiting researcher in University of Groningen, Center for Religious Studies (2012).


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